Where Will Superman Land?

While the majority of NFL free agents are off the board, 2015 MVP quarterback Cam Newton is one of the more attractive quarterbacks still available on the free agent market after getting released by the Carolina Panthers. Even though Newton is a great talent, there are still a lot of question marks concerning his health after having season-ending foot surgery this past off-season. Even though Cam’s own doctors have cleared him, with all the craziness currently going on in the world surrounding the coronavirus and the inability for teams to conduct physicals, teams will be hesitant to sign Newton until they can at least get their own team doctors’ hands on him. In the meantime though, let’s discuss which team or scenario would make the most sense for the 2015 MVP.

New England Patriots: Even though Tom Brady departed for Tampa Bay it would be premature to assume that Bill Belichick would sign Newton to be the starting quarterback. First of all, the Patriots already have Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer on their depth chart and could possibly either trade up to select a QB in next Thursday’s draft. Ultimately, the Patriots are in a retooling mode and will likely have an open QB battle between Stidham, Hoyer and whoever they wind up drafting next Thursday for the starting job

Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers have been rumored to take a QB in next Thursday’s draft, after missing out on Tom Brady on the free agent market. With the weapons the Bolts currently have it would make sense for Los Angeles to be in a win-now mode and sign the former MVP. Even though head coach Anthony Lynn has already announced Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback, we should not rule out Newton going to the Chargers considering they have the weapons to take the next step and Taylor hasn’t been a starter in a couple years, ever since he was he was benched while with the Browns.

As you can see, there are not many suitors right now for Cam Newton since are most of the quarterback positions are already filled.  According to Ian Rappaport of NFL Network, Newton might still be available come August when the preseason begins and some teams may have to look on the open market due to possible injuries or an obvious need to upgrade the position. Because of the pandemic, teams won’t know how good their new talent will truly be because there are no OTAs and probably no typical training camp to evaluate their players. All in all, between spots being already filled and the concern around his injury with a lack of physicals, Newton will be available for a while and is currently not viewed as a starting quarterback around the league.

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