What Does Gettleman do at Four?

As the NFL Draft inches closer and closer, the chatter about the Giants trading back gets louder and louder by the day. General manager Dave Gettleman had a conference call with the media yesterday where he admitted that Big Blue is in fact looking to trade down. This contradicts what Gettleman has done in the past since he has never traded down before. He claimed back in February that if he moved down in the draft then he would be trading out of the possibility of getting a good player. However, in this case, it would make sense to trade down since most of the Giants needs revolve around the offensive line and defense and there will still be an abundance of top offensive lineman and defensive players still on the board later on. On top of that, considering that New York only has two picks in the top 95, if they are able to trade back and acquire more picks they would be able to adress both needs with good players. In a sense, they would be killing two birds with one stone.

There is some good news and bad news for the Giants as they try to trade down. The good news is that there are teams such as the Patriots and the Chargers that could be looking to trade up to leapfrog the Dolphins to take a quarterback. However, the bad news for Big Blue is that these are probably the only two teams that could be in the mix to trade up. Also, the Lions announced that they are also open to trading down from the number three spot. This leaves New York with limited options and little leverage because teams can just pivot to Detroit if they aren’t on board with what the Giants would be demanding.

The Giants should try at all costs to trade down and not be overly picky in what they are looking for in return. As we approach the week of the draft expect a lot of constant smokescreens from multiple teams. However, remember that going back to when Big Blue drafted Saquon Barkley, Gettleman never lied about where he was leaning in the draft. In this case, it would make sense to expect the Giants to have traded away the fourth pick come draft time.

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