Kevin Durant Returning For the Playoffs Would be a Lesson Not Learned

With the NBA in hiatus during the Coronavirus pandemic the big question that has been going around is if Kevin Durant would return for the playoffs if the season continues? Originally, Durant was expected to miss all of this season after tearing his achillies in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals. However, after Nets General Manager Sean Marks continually shot down the idea of Durant returning, he recently went on a New Zealand podcast where he called it the $100 million question and did not rule it out. Realistically, the only way Durant comes back is if Kyrie Irving is also ready to come back since the whole idea of why they signed them both is to have them play together as a duo. Although, it is important to realize that the only person that will be deciding when KD returns is Kevin Durant since he is running the show in Brooklyn, just like all the star players do in the NBA.

It would make no sense for both Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets if he were to return for the playoffs. First of all, if he comes back for the playoffs alongside Kyrie they will have not played one second on the court together. While on paper it looks like a duo that can’t be stopped, building chemistry together doesn’t happen overnight. For eample, when Durant went to the Warriors it didn’t click right away as there was confusion about how to split the shots between Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. In this case, if Durant comes back he would have his feet thrown right into the fire since there will be little time to build chemistry with Kyrie. Another factor that plays into this is if he comes back for the playoffs and gets injured again it will be another example of KD coming back when he shouldn’t have, just like last season in the finals against the Toronto Raptors because he didn’t use the full time to recover. It would make more sense for Durant to continue to rehab even if the season conitues so he is ready for next season and has the entire regular season to build the chemsitry between him and Kyrie.

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