Jets, Jamal Adams in Standstill Over Contract Extension

The Jamal Adams trade expectations have ramped back up as Gary Myers reported yesterday that the Jets and Jamal Adams have reached a stalemate on a contract extension. As Myers explains, New York is in no rush to give Adams an extension and would rather wait to decide until at least the regular season, while Adams’ camp would like the extension immediately. Myers goes on to report that this stalemate has caused friction and says that a trade is very possible. This comes after Adams already had an outburst in front of the media at the trading deadline this past season when he found out that General Manager Joe Douglas took phone calls on the Texas native safety. Furthermore, Adams did not partcipate in the Jets virtual OTAs because of the disagreement over his contract with New York.

It would be premature to immediately rule out Gang Green trading Adams considering the current landscape of the league with players taking more control of their contracts. As Myers explains, it’s not even about the money anymore. At this point, it’s about how long each side would like to wait to get a new contract done. While this situation is not yet there, it has the groundwork for a repeat of the Le’Veon Bell situation that took place with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Looking ahead to possible trades for the two-time Pro-Bowler, the team that makes the most obvious sense is the Dallas Cowboys, who already dipped their toe into the Adams’ trade waters back in October at the trade deadline and is a place that Adams would be willing to go to, considering that he is from the Dallas area. It should be mentioned that Myers sugested that a trade between these two teams would have the Jets trading Adams to the Cowboys in return for Dallas’ 2021 first round pick and wide reciever Michael Gallup. On the other hand, Michael Irvin, who is close with Adams, said that he heard that Gang Green would like a first round pick and a third round pick in return for Jamal. Ultimately, a fair trade for both sides would include the Jets giving up Jamal Adams to Dallas in return for their 2021 first rounder plus Gallup and a late round pick. Gallup is a free agent after 2021 and would otherwise become the Cowboys’ third option at reciever once CeeDee Lamb develops. On top of that, Dallas already commited to Amari Cooper long term by giving him a five year, $100m extension in March. For New York, Gallup would become Sam Darnold’s number one target at reciever since Robby Anderson left in free agency to go to the Carolina Panthers. The reason I don’t believe Adams is worth two first round picks is because a safety is not an elite position in the league. The only defensive players that are worth two first rounders are ones at key positions, such as edge rusher, Kahlil Mack (who was traded for two first rounders) and Aaron Donald.

It will be very interesting to see what the Jets decide to do and if both New York teams will have wound up trading their fan favorite players who were both from LSU- Odell Beckham Jr with the Giants, and now possibly, Jamal Adams with the Jets.

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