Jamal Adams Wants Out of New York

After Jets safety Jamal Adams went on an Instagram rant last Thursday by saying “Maybe it’s time to move on!”, Adams officially requested a trade from the Jets later that day. This all comes as Adams is looking for a contract extension before the season starts to be the highest paid safety in the league. Jamal will point to Christian McCaffery, who was in the same draft class, and signed a massive contract extension. On top of that, Myles Garrett and Patrick Mahomes are also expected to sign a mega contract extension this summer. Even though Gang Green has said they want make him a “Jet for life”, they have given no indication publcily they are in any rush right now. The Jets have no intention of trading the two -time Pro Bowler. That still hasn’t stopped the frustrated Adams from making his preferred trade destinations public. As Adam Scheffer of ESPN reported, the seven teams on the list include: the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks.

Adams has voiced his anger multiple times over social media as he responded to a fan videoing on their phone in the Dallas area asking if he is going to the Cowboys. Adams responded by saying, “I’m trying.” The Cowboys are the team that Adams prefers to be traded to considering that he is from the Dallas area. In fact, as Rich Cimini of ESPN reported, Jamal wants to go to Dallas so much that he would possibly play there without a contract extension right away. This isn’t the first time the Cowboys have been connected to Jamal Adams as they dipped their toe in at the trade deadline this past season. As Rich Cimini reported, Adams wanted the trade to happen at the time and thought the Jets betrayed him because he viewed himself as untouchable. This resulted in Adams having an outburst in front of he media when the Jets took a call on him from Dallas. Adams also tweeted to Jets teammate Marcus Maye on Monday by saying “I’ma miss balling with you the most. Believe that!” This is a shot at all the rest of the Jets players and emphasizes his unwilligness to play in New York. From the Jets perspective, general manager Joe Douglas has all the leverage right now as Adams is still under contract through 2021 and could always be franchise-tagged. The Jets should not take the bait that has been given to them and instead should not grant his wish. Certainly, they should not work around his wish list of teams.

From Jamal Adams’s point of view, he has already handled this situation the wrong way by publicly voicing his anger. However, if he continues to publicly speak out this situation will get uglier as the days go on and training camp opens. This will likely result in Adams holding out and will cause a toxic locker room situation which will leave the Jets no choice but to trade Adams. This has the feeling of another Antonio Brown Steelers situation, which resulted in teammates turning thier back on him and causing friction. It will be very interesting to see how this all turns out.

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