Jets, Jamal Adams in Standstill Over Contract Extension

The Jamal Adams trade expectations have ramped back up as Gary Myers reported yesterday that the Jets and Jamal Adams have reached a stalemate on a contract extension. As Myers explains, New York is in no rush to give Adams an extension and would rather wait to decide until at least the regular season, whileContinue reading “Jets, Jamal Adams in Standstill Over Contract Extension”

Nets Third Star Trade Possibilities

Spencer Dinwiddie taking to social media on Friday saying that he would allow fans to decide where he would play when he becomes a free agent in 2021 gave Nets fans time to go through the ESPN Trade Machine to try to find a star player to pair up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.Continue reading “Nets Third Star Trade Possibilities”

Kevin Durant Returning For the Playoffs Would be a Lesson Not Learned

With the NBA in hiatus during the Coronavirus pandemic the big question that has been going around is if Kevin Durant would return for the playoffs if the season continues? Originally, Durant was expected to miss all of this season after tearing his achillies in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals. However, after NetsContinue reading “Kevin Durant Returning For the Playoffs Would be a Lesson Not Learned”